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Digital Roads of the Future


Question: When developing the proposal using the project description and plan template it is specified that “The proposal may include a maximum of three figures, images or tables that are not included in the word count.” Can I combine more than one image into one figure?

Answer: Yes if it makes sense to present the images together. A "Figure" may contain a Part A / Part B, i.e. you can combine more than one image in one Figure.


Question: Do I need to contact the theme leader during the application process?

Answer: It is highly recommended to make a contact with theme leader/s of your interest. It is beneficial for both sides for you to do so early in the process of your proposal development. This way, a potential supervisor will have a chance to advise you on the challenge/s that you are responding to. It will save your time and enhance the quality of your project proposal thus increasing the possibility for higher scoring along the selection process. Supervisors cannot write the proposal with you, but you need to understand if they would be willing to supervise.


Question: It has been more than 4 years since I obtained my PhD degree, but I have not worked as a researcher since the completion of my degree. Can I apply for the fellowship?

Answer: Please note that we specify that "Applicants may have up to 2 years of postdoctoral research experience (after completion of the PhD) in any of the programme’s relevant disciplines and areas of focus. Applicants with 3-4 years of postdoctoral research experience will be considered in exceptional cases." Any career break records should be stated in the Appendix B Project description & Plan template. It is worth bearing in mind that the fellowship is designed for early career researchers. Much of the training is designed around cohort-based activity and developing the skills of early career researchers.


Question: As specified in advert "All fellows will be housed together in the Civil Engineering building at the UoC, to allow them to network and collaborate with each other regardless of which department their supervisors work for." Do we need to pay for this accommodation? How much per month?

Answer: All MSCA FUTUREROADS Fellows will be provided with an office space which are located at or nearby the Civil Engineering Building at the UoC and these offices are arranged as part of the Grant agreement. There is no requirement for MSCA FUTUREROADS Fellows to pay additionally for the office use. Please note that is NOT your living accommodation, which you will need to arrange separately.


Question: Is a PhD candidate, who will have PhD degree in August 2023, eligible to apply for this fellowship?

Answer: Yes, you will be eligible for Cohort 3. As part of your application you should submit your latest degree certificate and also provide evidence that you have completed PhD degree requirements and are waiting to receive the degree.


Question: How shall we apply for this position? Should the candidate discuss the scientific project/future plans with the supervisor?

Answer: Follow the steps in “How to apply” section at the website. We advise to contact the supervisor for the support in preparing your project proposal. We recommend referring to the “Call for Applications” document to select a challenge that you intend to respond to.


Question: What is the goal of this project and who can apply for this post?

Answer: The aim of the Future Roads programme is to establish a multidisciplinary training platform to strengthen researchers’ capabilities such that they are capable to work anywhere in Europe and, therefore, attracting researchers from around the globe to Europe and contributing to the European goals of increasing the numbers of researchers with innovation skills in Europe. Please check “Personal Eligibility” section at the website.


Question: What are the selection criteria?

Answer: Selection process consist of three screening processes, and different criteria are applied at each level:

- Administration – eligibility and ethics declaration,

- Technical - Peer review process of your project proposal scored as: Excellence (50%) Impact (30%) Implementation (20%),

- Fellow - Academic excellence, Language skills, Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Fit to programme

This information is contained in the Guide for Applicants Document, accessible here:


Question: I would like to know more about the fellowship application process.

Answer: Please refer to the website for detail instructions “How to apply”:


Question: Could I change a research direction from my PhD? Does it influence the scoring?

Answer: It is envisaged that applicants should have experience in any of the programme’s relevant disciplines and areas of focus. It may be that you have transferrable skills. Please contact the potential supervisor to discuss your ambitions.


Question: What is the starting date of cohort 3? 1st October or December? In any case, it seems that it is less than 36 months, right?

Answer: Planned start date is December 2023. Fellowships are offered up to the end of the programme 30 September 2026. This is less than 36 months for cohort 3 as we cannot offer fellowship funding beyond the end of the programme.


Question: What does Career break record refer to?

Answer: This includes considerations such as maternity/paternity/parental/sick leave and military service, any breaks that might impacting an individual’s career path.


Question: Is there any template for preparing the project description?

Answer: Yes there is. You can download the Project Description & Plan template. From this website: .


Question: Shall we coordinate the 2 external co-supervisors and the secondments with the primary supervisor before? 

Answer: Industrial co-supervisors will start their engagement with the start of the Fellowship, no need to coordinate before the fellowship starts. However, you are encouraged to discuss possibilities with the person who you intend to name as the “primary supervisor” on your proposal.​


Question: Shall we indicate the name of the co-supervisor in the research description? if yes, shall we send also it to her/him before submission?​

Answer: No need to name the co-supervisor in the research description. However, you can discuss possibilities with the person who you intend to name as the “primary supervisor” on your proposal.​


Question: Is it possible to apply for two challenges in different research themes and different primary supervisors? I mean double application, if one primary supervisor is not certain that would endorse?​

Answer: You can address two challenges in your proposal. We would advise not to plan double application- it takes a lot of work to write a good application and we advise to committing to writing a good one. What you can do is select a primary theme and highlight how your proposal also supports another theme of the programme. However, you can discuss possibilities with the person who you intend to name as the “primary supervisor” on your proposal.​


Question: Is Cohort 3 the last round of applications for Postdoc or are there any further rounds in coming years?​

Answer: Plan for Future Roads Programme is to recruit 27 researchers in 3 rounds. Other post-doc opportunities might be available across department, please check regularly​