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Digital Roads of the Future


The call for applicants for FutureRoad Tech Training Programmes 2024 is now open!


Who can apply?

These programmes welcomes applicants from various academic and industry backgrounds, including but not limited to Civil Engineering, Earth Science, Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics, Economics, and Business.

How to apply?

Please follow the instructions given on the Application Process page.

When to apply

Application timeline for FutureRoads Tech Training Programmes 2024

  • Opening of call: 16th October 2023
  • Extended Deadline for applications: 22nd November 2023 
  • Evaluation period: 1 week
  • Applicants will receive answers: 30th November 2023
  • Fee payment and Registration opens: 30th November 2023
  • Registration closes: 31st December 2023

FutureRoads Tech Training Programmes 2024 Dates

2-Day Training Programmes 

Digital Twins 5–6 February 2024
Data Science 19–20 February 2024
Sustainability 4-5 March 2024
Smart Materials  13–14 March 2024
Automation and Robotics  2–3 May 2024

Registration Fees

Our registration fee includes full access to a 2-day training programme, course materials, networking opportunities, lunches, and refreshments.

 - Standard Registration Fee: £2500 for each 2-day training programme
  - Discounted Registration Fee: £1500 for each 2-day training programme
  • We offer discounted registration fees for PhD students, Post Doctoral Researchers and DRF Industry Partners.
  • *PhD students and Post Doctoral Researchers - Please upload your proof of full-time student/post doctoral researcher status during the application process.




Why apply?

  1. Digital Twins: Dive into the realm of digital twins, where real and virtual road systems merge. Learn how to create, manage, and optimise digital replicas of road infrastructure, making informed decisions and revolutionising maintenance.
  2. Data Science: Harness the power of data to transform road management. Learn how data science and analytics can revolutionise decision-making, predictive maintenance, and resource allocation.

  3. Sustainability: Learn how to make our roads more eco-friendly. Understand sustainability practices, green technologies, and regulatory compliance to build and maintain roadways that benefit both people and the planet.

  4. Smart Materials: Discover the latest advancements in smart materials for roads. Explore their potential in enhancing durability, safety, and sustainability while reducing maintenance costs.

  5. Automation and Robotics: Embrace the future of road construction with automation and robotics. Explore the latest technologies and their applications for faster, safer, and more efficient road-building processes.