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Digital Roads of the Future


The 2024 Tucker-Hasegawa Award recipient Prof Ioannis Brilakis received his award at ISARC2024 held in Lille, France. The intent of the prestigious Tucker-Hasegawa Award is to recognize individuals in industry or academia who have made major, distinguished, and sustained contributions to the field of automation and robotics in construction.

Prof Brilakis responded to the award,

'As Incoming President this year, I look forward to working with the current President and Vice Presidents to co-create IAARC's future plans before assuming the role in the summer of 2025. I wish to offer in advance enormous thanks to the IAARC leadership for their help and support in the past, present and future, and give credit to the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the IAARC Technical Committee over the years for much of the work achieved.'