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Digital Roads of the Future


Digital Roads' partner, National Highways, provided a dataset of mobile mapping data collected by KOREC using a Trimble MX9, GPR and thermal data for 42.8km of the Strategic Road Network from the A11, A12 and A14.

This data has been prepared to be able to

  • build a Digital Twin; a 3D environment of the roads surveyed where every asset and defect is labelled based on the ground truth, and
  • develop a framework for automating the building of the Digital Twin.

More information on the methodologies used will be published in due course.

In the meantime, a curated subset of the dataset is being made available.

Following the steps below will allow a VPN tunnel to be established with the server holding the curated dataset. The data will be read only and will need to be downloaded by you to access. Once the data has been down loaded the tunnel will be severed.

How to access

  • To request access to the Digital Roads curated dataset, please email: 
  • Psifia will create an account for you on the server hosting the dataset and provide you with a set up file for a VPN tunnel. 
    • Your username and password will be sent in a separate email 
  • In order to use the set up file, you will have to install Wireguard on your PC. Please make sure your network & file sharing is turned on. 
  • You may need to refresh or map a new network drive manually (File Explorer> Network tab), using alternative credentials as provided in the email to the IP address with share name: drf 
  • You should be connected directly to the data, where you may download the data you need.  
  • If you encounter any difficulties accessing the data, please contact