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Digital Roads of the Future


Name: Dr Jie Liu

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research Group: Digital Roads of the Future

Fellowship period: 3 January 2024 – 02 January 2027


Research Interests

Dr. Liu's research interests include transport resilience, transport reliability, transport robustness, transport management and optimization.  He is dedicated to evaluating transport performance under various disruptions and disturbances.

Strategic Themes

Sustainability, Transport and urban infrastructure

Research Project

Title: Measuring and enhancing the resilience of road infrastructure networks to climate change

Theme: Sustainability


Climate change has raised a series of problems for the environment and society, which causes transport unreliable and vulnerable. Therefore, measuring and enhancing the resilience of Road Infrastructure Networks (RINs) is significant in building resilient transport and society. The outcomes of the project and their application in transportation are: 1.Enriching and improving the research theories and methods on traffic resilience;2.Measuring the impact of climatic events on RINs’ operation and assessing their resilience to climate change.3.Optimizing the maintenance strategy and restoration strategy for improving the ability of RINs to resist climatic events, which guides the operators to reduce the climatic impact on RINs.


Dr. Liu is focused on the research theme of transport resilience, reliability, and vulnerability. He earned a Ph.D. degree from Southwest Jiaotong University and was a Ph.D. visiting student at the University of Maryland. Before becoming a Marie Curie co-funded Future Roads Fellow at the University of Cambridge, he worked at Kunming University of Science and Technology for two years.

Dr. Liu is an investigator in several projects with research topics centred around transport resilience and reliability. He is the first/corresponding author of 22 peer-reviewed journal papers and 13 conference papers, with several selected as "Editor’s choice" and best papers. Dr. Liu serves as a reviewer for 13 international journals and is a member of the editorial board for two journals.

In Cambridge, Dr. Liu will evaluate the impacts of climate change on transport performance and propose effective models and methods to mitigate the negative impacts caused by various climatic events. He aims to contribute to building a reliable, resilient, and sustainable transport system, enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and safety of our daily travel.